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Submit, SECTION 31 20 00 PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 DESCRIPTION A. Stagger tests to ensure consistent compactive effort has been achieved. hb```f``2f`@( Other methods of stabilization, such as geo fabrics may be appropriate based on the engineer s judgment. The top few inches should be slightly yielding (loose) and fill the corrugations. PDF Establishing Theoretical and Target Values for Density and Moisture Content The video camera inspection is to be conducted with a VDOT representative present. TThe Construction Materials Testing Soils exam is delivered on a computer at Pearson Vue Testing Centers. Pipe Testing Frequency Example 1: Pipe Diameter = 48 in. Effect of Rock-Sized Aggregates on Soil Compaction Results . All cracks shall be digitally scanned to allow for accurate measurement. Larry Ritchie, SECTION 6000 - EXCAVATION, TRENCHING AND BACKFILLING (Pipeline Construction), Table 4.9 Storm Drain Inlet Protetion Applicable for, INSTALLATION GUIDE. 1.02 SUBMITTALS A. For registration assistance, questions or concerns, please contact: The MCS courses are currentlybeing delivered through a partnership between VDOT, the Virginia Education Center for Asphalt Technology (VECAT) with Germanna Community College (GCC)and the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA). SECTION 33 41 03 POLYVINYL CHLORIDE (PVC) PIPE, STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS SECTION 03461 PRECAST REINFORCED CONCRETE MANHOLES AND MANHOLE BASES. Leak Resistant: A joint which limits water leakage at a maximum rate of 200 gallons/inch diameter/mile/day for the pipeline system for the project specified head or pressure. 15) In the case of UD 4, the Open Graded Drainage Layer (OGDL) is placed on top of the completed trench. VDOT Soils and Aggregate Compaction: Chapter 1 - Quizlet stiffness 35 psi) is the collecting conduit 4) Aggregate backfill (#8 or #57) 5) Non perforated smooth wall outlet pipe (min. 10) What is the maximum backfill lift thickness? Do not compact directly on pipe as it may damage the pipe. 12) How long after installation is complete can the video inspection can be done? This prevents disruption of the backfill envelope when removing the shoring or trench box. endobj 2016v1.0 Chapter 4 16, 17 PAVEMENT DRAINS Pavement subsurface drainage is essential in obtaining a well performing pavement, whether it is flexible, rigid or composite. A mandrel is needed for Flexible Pipe to measure deflection. If the soils is 100 percent saturated and the voids are full of water and has a high MC. 1) Metal pipe gauge: Examples 12, 14, 16 2) Metal pipe corrugation dimensions: Examples 2 2/3 x ; 3 x 1 3) Concrete pipe strength: Examples Class III, IV or V 4) ph and Resistivity needs to be known by designer 2016v1.0 Chapter 4 5, 6 5) Maximum height of cover: Maximum height for each type of pipe must be given Compare information from drainage summary with maximum cover chart for pipe to be used Check standards for minimum height of cover Measuring Metal Pipe Corrugation example 3 x 2 3 2 Examples of concrete pipe stamp: They typically include manufactured date, diameter, pipe type, class, place of manufacturing. SECTION 15076 CEMENT-MORTAR LINED AND COATED STEEL PIPE. A. The cost estimates, SPECIFICATIONS FOR SEWER PIPE AND LINING INSERTION - TRENCHLESS; GENERAL GUIDELINES (As Provided by NASSCO) 1 Intent: The intent of trenchless sewer pipe Insertion is to rehabilitate the existing sewer. Excavate Trench Proper trench widths will allow for proper compaction alongside the pipe. Description This section includes materials, testing, and installation of precast concrete, SIENA STONE GRAVITY RETAINING WALL INSTALLATION SPECIFICATIONS Prepared by Risi Stone Systems Used by permission. 35 terms. Backfill and compaction shall be advanced simultaneously on both sides of the pipe. VDOT : Central Mix Aggregate Plant with Proficiency - FULL PRICE NON VIRGINIA RESIDENTS, CCWA - Workforce Development and Conference Center, VDOT SELF-STUDY: Central Mix Aggregate Plant with Proficiency, VDOT SELF-STUDY: Soils and Aggregate Compaction, VDOT: Central Mix Aggregate Plant with Proficiency, VDOT: Documentation and Recordkeeping for Inspectors. One (1) copy of application and four (4) copies of plans are hereby made to the Director of Public Works, SECTION 02612 PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUMMARY A. Manhole, Frame, and Cover Installation (includes Drop Manhole) Additional Manhole Depth. Soil compaction occurs when soil particles are pressed together, reducing pore space between them (Figure 1). B. The work of this Section includes furnishing and installing Reinforced Concrete Pressure Pipe as shown on the Drawings and as specified. The Contractor shall report findings of foundation exploration to the Engineer for approval prior to placing pipe. VDOT: Soils and Aggregate Compaction - Community College Workforce Alliance The CCWA is hosting the following courses, which are available in a traditional (instructor-led) format or as a self-study option, allowing the students to challenge the Materials Certification exams: For more information on CCWA courses and registration click hereor contact CCWA at 804-523-2290 or 804-523-2292. 17) Once the system has been installed, it is critical that inspection is performed to ensure that there are no areas that are crushed, clogged or otherwise non functioning. PIPE INSPECTION AND REPAIR Larry Ritchie February 23, 2010 PIPE INSPECTION AND REPAIR The Florida Department of Transportation builds and maintains hundreds of miles of underground infrastructure as part, SECTION 6000 - EXCAVATION, TRENCHING AND BACKFILLING (Pipeline Construction) 6001 SCOPE. The diameter of the mandrel at any point shall not be less than the allowable percent deflection of the certified actual mean diameter of the pipe or culvert being tested. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like What are the three differences between the AASHTO T-99 and AASHTO T-180?, How many layers of soil are required to make a standard proctor mold? 2. (PDF) Recycled Concrete Aggregated for the use in Roller Compacted In construction, this is a significant part of the building process. PDF Aashto Soil Classification Sheets - hldm4.lambdageneration.com The original Former is a vacuum formed light gauge plastic mold, The contractor shall moist-cure the completed Lime Treated Subbase for a minimum of days before allowing any traffic on the compacted surface. These items shall conform to Section 31, "Storm Drain Installation," of these Standard Provisions. SECTION 15076 CEMENT-MORTAR LINED AND COATED (CML&C) STEEL PIPE PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 DESCRIPTION This section designates the requirements for steel pipe fabrication, test in shop, installation of steel, SECTION LS 2530 SANITARY SEWERS PART 1 GENERAL 1.1 SUBMITTALS A. STORM SEWERS. 7-1 7.2. Prepared by Risi Stone Systems Used by permission. PDF Virginia Department of Transportation Soils and Aggregate Compaction Some links may require the Adobe Reader. Soils and Aggregate Compaction Homework.pdf - Course Hero Manufacturing and Trades >> VDOT - Certifications. <> What is the behavior of a material where the material deforms under load and does not return to its original shape called? True or false: The voids in a saturated soil are partly filled with water and partly filled with water. Block and gravel inlet Protection (Temporary) 6.52.1. ;5&6+Hv:#'Wg}]V.0;'|[c 9tD8XN[ |v(0|pemRS=v1VNc`j 0 No additional payment will be made for the repair or replacement of existing concrete damaged, ITEM NO. Explore Foundation A stable foundation must be provided to ensure proper line and grade is maintained. This work consists of constructing storm sewers of the size and class required, including excavation, bedding, and backfill. 2016v1.0 Chapter 4 11, 12 Types of Joints for Concrete Pipe Tongue & Groove: A bell & spigot type joint with straight walls (flush bell). VDOT Soils and Aggregate Compaction 2016v1.0 Appendix B | 2 ]6)[mesog)!df{9IsRC cS /%INL lift) = 13 tests required (minimum) (Answer) Backfill around Manholes (minimum) One test every fourth compacted lift around the perimeter; beginning after the first 4 inch compacted lift above the bedding and continue to 5 feet below the top of the structure. When moving concrete pipe you should pick it up by one end. ALL students must have a valid account on VDOT University. = 15 lifts 5) 15 ifts 2 (one test every other lift) = 7.5, round up to 8 tests in the top 5 ft. of backfill 6) Total tests required = (Number of test below 5 ft.) + (Number of test above 5 ft.) 7) = 11 tests required (minimum) NOTE: Compaction Tests are required on stone backfill (Class I backfill and bedding material); consult the District Materials Division for Maximum Dry Density and Optimum Moisture Content targets for the specific material being used. VDOT Materials Certification Schools - Business - Virginia 5) Why is lime used with soil? Heavily compacted soils contain few large pores, less total pore volume and, consequently, a greater density. List benefits of drainage 2. Personal Holding C, Civil Service Personal Background Evaluation, Revised 7/16. All of the MCS Certifications arevalid for five years and must be retaken every five years to maintain the certification. Lane provides the complete product line to meet all your HDPE drainage needs -, Chapter 3 CULVERTS Description A culvert is a closed conduit used to convey water from one area to another, usually from one side of a road to the other side. This item shall consist of the construction of both sanitary and storm sewer precast concrete manholes in accordance with, Specification Guidelines: Allan Block Modular Retaining Wall Systems The following specifications provide Allan Block Corporation's typical requirements and recommendations. 32-02.05 Precast Manhole Sections and Castings. VDOT: Soils and Aggregate Compaction - Community College Workforce Alliance 2. The trench s dimensions and location are typically 1 foot wide and 2 to 4 inches below the subgrade and adjacent to the pavement edge. Advanced fatigue and rutting characterisation of Polish asphalt VDOT Soils and Aggregate Compaction 2016v1.0 Appendix E | 9 If vibratory rollers are used in the backfill operations, vibratory motors shall not be activated until at least 3 feet of backfill has been placed and compacted over the pipe. Silt Tight: A joint that is resistant to infiltration of particles that are smaller than particles passing the No. materials (soils, aggregate and asphalt) in the field, the Geotechnical firm shall be responsible for the continuous monitoring of the placement and compaction of aggregate base materials, asphalt concrete pavement and the placement and compaction of earthwork and backfill of trenches and structures to ensure compliance with the Specifications. PDF a/o May 2018 MATERIALS CERTIFICATION SCHOOLS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. 'i$%qyI4[hmrZF 4Obz:;q"ZIE0~^I!)s6E@DCVj'1ey(IL#"`L.>G'@>{7&l0. Portion of Section 2102 . Construction Materials Testing Soils - NICET The side is called the drainage side. The mandrel shall be pulled through the pipe or culvert by hand with a rope or cable. Materials. Edit, 02150-1 of 6 SECTION 02150 REMOVAL OR ABANDONMENT OF EXISTING 02150.01 GENERAL A. - 2000, If you believe that this page should be taken down, please follow our DMCA take down process, Something went wrong! Additionally, a copy shall be furnished to local VDOT Asset Management personnel to document the pipe/culvert condition at that point in time. CHAPTER 4 STUDY QUESTIONS 2) True or False. 794 (d), please call 800-367-7623. Screen the sample over a 3/4-inch sieve and replace the aggregate retained with an equal weight of No.

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