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I cant find one that will allow me to log in. This should have happened automatically and, once connected, your meters smart functions should be restored. If your meter is positioned very high up, make sure you let your energy company know so the installers are prepared when they come to your home. Check whether your smart meter and in-home display will work fully with them. Youre not alone. Our performance against target can be broken down as follows: 1. Having said that the current setup is by no means unbreakable so we will have to see how long it lasts. However one in 10 people in our survey of Which? Check if your in-home display has a flat battery or is unplugged. I've just, the Data Communications Company to ask how soon I will also be able to get at my data: The role of the DCC is to provide communication services between smart meters and the business systems of energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users. The gas meter in your pictures looks remarkably the same as the ones here. A hub is installed with your smart meter (often built into the meter) to do this. This means that your smart meter will lose its smart functionally and work like a traditional standard meter. Note: As mentioned earlier your smart meter uploads data via the DCC to your energy provider. If your IHD is asking for a PIN code it could be that the device is having connection issues. If your meter is plugged into the mains, unplug it and take it to the location of your electricity meter. If there's any doubt that your home might not have coverage, make sure you get a pre-installation visit from your energy company to confirm whether a smart meter will work at your property. I would be more than happy to do whatever homework is required for a trial and also willing to write a review article on my website about any of your products. The displays work best when close to the smart meter. This may be because they use compatible technology or the same brand of meter or have agreements in place. 2. I have the standard BG Smart Meter setup as well as my PV meter. If your meter was faulty, an energy company can charge you retrospectively for the previous year if you have paid too little. Can I ask if this is still working for you? Making the most of your smart energy monitor. British gas smart meter pairing pin pussy cum licking. Before you switch energy supplier, check thebest and worst energy companies. The hub certainly looks busy with 3 little flashing LEDs constantly flickering away. We worked with Smart Energy GB, the smart meter consumer-information campaign, and spoke to energy firms to compile these tips. . However if your home is in the remaining 0.75% you may not be able to have a smart meter that connects to the full network. My 2p, @Turribeach3 Thanks. Still Ill be able to take meter readings off the IHD saves going out in the cold ha ha. Earliest they can come back is towards the end of January, will keep you updated. Yes, smart meters are as accurate as traditional gas and electricity meters. Paul; Yes I would also be very interested in your trial, for the same reasons. This does allow me to hook a light sensor up to it to count pulses and therefore calculate Electricity usage but this, to me, seems a bit backwards when I have the state of the art Smart Meter with Zigbee! To top it all off the engineer couldnt get the boiler working when he reconnected the gas, therefore I have no heating or hot water and have to take another day off work tomorrow so BG can come and fix that. I have exactly the same problem with the smart meter that ovo supplied for me. Weve heard from members with solar panels who have been refused a smart meter, and from others who have had a smart meter installed that doesn't work with their solar panels. My smart meter stopped working after my energy firm stopped trading, My bills are inaccurate with my smart meter, My smart meter wont work with my solar panels, what to do if you energy company stops trading, what to do if you think your electric or gas meter is faulty, take your complaint to the energy ombudsman, What to expect from a smart meter installation, Smart meter problems and how to solve them, Everything you need to know about the government's energy support, 900,000 more households can receive their 400 energy discount, Energy price cap falls but your bills are set to rise, Heat pump grant scheme comes under fire for low take-up, 1.9m energy prepayment vouchers are yet to be claimed, Energy supplier not getting readings from your smart meter? Weve heard from members whose energy firms arent yet replacing these semi-concealed meters. I can understand the user experience of people pairing zigby devices to the meter might be a support pain as well as a security one, so I could see the companies not wanting to go down this path. Your energy supplier must give you seven days notice before it switches your smart meter to prepayment mode. Submitting a meter read before the Energy Price Guarantee starts on . It may take up to an hour for your IHD to show gas usage. Do note, while we always aim to give you accurate product info at the point of publication, unfortunately price and terms of products and deals can always be changed by the provider afterwards, so double check first. and so I would be interested to know which bit is incorrect for the future. Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. Find out more about getting smart meters installed. If you have a first-generation British Gas smart meter (SMETS1), it may lose its network connection if you switch to a different supplier. If you have solar panels and are offered a smart meter, make sure your supplier is aware. The ZigBee smart energy profile requires this because the data being exchanged is quite sensitive and private. The benefits of this are that in the event of a loss of Internet access it would still work, it potentially would provide faster response, and most importantly if the CAD maker stops providing their cloud service it would still work. Paul Willis Several British Gas customers have experienced issues with their smart meters. I see zero benefit of smart meters in the short, mid or long term if there is no HAN access. Editor, Marcus Herbert. Submitted by simonn194 (not verified) on Thu, 12/02/2015 - 15:07. So a more likely target could be British Gas servers where all the usage data is stored, either to sell it to criminals or the like. If not, ask your supplier for instructions. But dont loose hope The HAN you have currently support this, so its only a matter of time until the commodity supplier (aka BG) opens it up for 3rd party devices and home automation hardware that support the SEP standard! More information about the G370 can be found here: Get Smart and you could startsaving. I hope in time this will come! It sound like you are having exactly the same experience with British Gas as I did. Sadly they all insist on locking you in to their proprietary cloud systems. If anyone has theTrilliant SEAP-2000-V Hub we might be able to include you in a trial. There are two types of smart meter: first and second generation. If your smart meter cannot be connected to the wireless network, your new provider may be willing to replace your existing smart meter with a more up-to-date one. Im wondering who you talked too, but you were fed some erroneous information about how the security works on the Trilliants Comms Hub and the SEP standard Do cheap thermals keep you as warm as pricier ones? Posted by Steve Rowe, on Mon 22 Jun 2020 11:54am. So I managed to pick up a new one on E-baysupplied by a different energy company. Set an energy budget and yoursmart energy monitor will let you know if youre on track helping you to change habits and lower bills. I have started off the blog with this initial post on my experience getting zigbee smart meters installed from British Gas. If your meter is in a small cupboard or another confined space, a technician might struggle to install your smart meter. He got it sorted after about 20 minutes but it make you wonder if there is some sort of inherent problem with the G370's. James. You may see these referred to as SMETS1 and SMETS2 respectively. Theyre connected to the central wireless network that all energy suppliers should be able to use. I have been having all sorts of problems with my trio forgetting my settings, particularly my WiFi details. Video: Now smart meters are delayed AGAIN: Deadline for the national rollout of new energy reading devices gets put back to June 2025. Can you only run one IHD at a time ? I opted in for an early placement. its useful to have an overview like that, have you had any luck with getting data out of the system? Please try again in a few minutes. CADs will only be permitted read-only access to data held in smart metering equipment. Linking devices to the HAN will be accomplished by 'pairing' them to the relevant communications hub. Smart metering code of practice. This should have happened by the end of 2022, though were aware that some smart meters remain unconnected. It has been proved already that most people with smart meters reduce their consumption. Honestly I feel slightly safer this way. Hi Nick, Even when the engineer was at my house, the pairing was triggered remotely via his handheld device. Very interested in the possibility of uploading readings data perhaps to iMeasure which I already use. Long URL to official documentation:( ), Hi Hertog, smart meters, broken down as follows: In 2022 we installed 905,852 smart meters, however 176,635 were replacement meters so do not count towards our target. Seeing how the energy suppliers (such as British Gas) are eager to offer this capability to their customer, you can expect Over-The-Air firmware upgrades in a few years that will enable this functionality! If you think your supplier has moved you to prepayment unfairly, you are within your rights to make a complaint. A CAD (Consumer Access Device) would need to be allowed in, allowed to join the zigbee network in a secure way. Hi All, I had the exact same system installed - Electric fitted August 2013, Gas December 2013. So . @James Saunders Hi James. If so, try moving it closer to the electricity smart meter and turn the device off and on again. If you're renting a property and pay the bills directly for the gas or electricity to your energy supplier or you are named on the bill, you can choose to have smart meters installed.

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